Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11th, 2007

My first thought waking up today was...who will be our new Mayor? Then...Happy Birthday to my dear friend Tori. Then...

Six years ago, this country experienced a new kind of fear. I've not been on this blog long enough to have written about it before so I thought this year would be my token year to talk about the day that will never die.

We can all recall where we were and how our reality was challenged and we "couldn't believe it was real". I've heard people ask my mom where she was when Kennedy was shot or when Elvis died. This will be our question. Where were you when the towers fell?

My memory goes like this:

I was in bed. Asleep. The mother of her was over 7 months pregnant with Gracie. The phone rang and it was my aunt. She told the mother of her that I needed to turn the television on because a plan had hit my tower. I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had been obsessed with them since I first saw them in 1994. I turned on the tv and, like everyone else, thought it wasn't right - wasn't real. I was staring at it when the second plane hit the second tower and I gasped so loudly that my partner came downstairs. When they fell, I said outloud, "I think 8 thousand people just died." I thought that because I remembered hearing that 8 thousand people worked in the towers. It was devastating.

I called my work to say that I wasn't coming in but no one was there. Everyone was afraid. I was afraid. Here we were, about to bring a baby girl into this world and the world was falling out from underneath us. So many things changed that day. & from way over here in the West, we've felt it. Those of you so close...I bet you still see/hear reminders all the time.

Today we remember the towers and all the people who fell with them.