Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Gay Agenda/Gay Handbook

Where I live, the crazies are certain we have a step by step agenda on how we plan to take over the world. One of our craziest politicians even said we had a "gay handbook" to guide us along while we prey on those we intend to convert. I love that he thinks we're that organized and that committed. Not that we're not but...

Today, I met with a man who's running for office. He came in to "learn" about us (the Gays) and let us know where he stands on our issues, his personal beliefs, etc. I liked him fine. He was tall and handsome. Looking at him I was thinking, "How hasn't he always been a politician?" But then he said he was a lawyer and it all made sense. He is professional, well spoken and soft hearted. He doesn't "know much about our lifestyle but" feels that we "deserve equality... (insert drum roll) EXCEPT for the marriage part."

I'm blogging about this because I know we hear this all the time. This guy is no different from over half of this country. He's got to defend God's blessing! He must keep marriage between a man and a woman. In the same sentence he assured me that he thinks our jobs, our housing, our health care, our families & most of all, our children should be protected equally. But said, "It's when you start asking for rights that break down traditional marriage, that's when I get uncomfortable." Herein, the problem.

What's a girl supposed to do when everything she's asking for can be loosely defined as breaking down traditional marriage? Whether I'm looking for a legal union, domestic partner benefits, rights to protect my child(ren) or just fairiness in the workplace - they just shoot it back as "steps in the agenda". The argument is always that we're trying to dissolve traditional marriage.

I will sign in blood that that's not my intention people! I don't care if you don't want me married in your church. God will bless my Union the same way he'll bless your marriage! He doesn't care what we call it. I care. I admit I care. - but only because anything separate makes it less. It's a word you can have but I can't. I care. But not enough to demand church in my marriage. And I'm certainly not trying to steal your word or your traditions.

I've heard it all. Even when my case was being argued with the Supreme's, my ex-partner kept her side scared by saying to the media that if they 'ruled in my favor, my next steps would be to legalize same-sex adoption then legalize gay marriage'. Now that's a gay agenda! - A clear plan to lead my way and my people!

That argument scares people but it's crap! They think we're oozing through cracks and sneaking into their private thoughts. We're brainwashing them and taking names to add to our ooper large gay data base so we can track their every move. We want to be safe and protected. It's not about an agenda or a fight. If we could sit in our backyards and enjoy our equality like the rest of the world, we would. But we can't. We won't. Because as long as you draw a line around what you have and what I don't, we are not equal.

So draw a circle around yourself and what marriage means to you. Don't let any little request we have get into that circle. But dear God, don't say you "believe in equality except for...." There is no EXCEPT. It's all or nothing. Anything less is not enough.

And please, one of you "gays" out there, could you add this to the gay handbook for me? I left my copy at the local High School.