Sunday, September 23, 2007

Their last "unhitched" Saturday night

One party down, just two more to go! J&E are less than a week away from the biggest, most special of all their days thus far!

We celebrated with a bachelorette party that included fabulous games like:

  1. Pin the boobs on the babe (Cristy purposely steered me wrong or I WAY would've won!)
  2. Bobbing for boobies (I only got three but the third one way a double D! ... 3 and a HALF!)
  3. Newlywed game (We came in second. She forgot about that awful orange shirt I would burn Today if I could!)
I'm still bothered that I didn't win a single one but we made a good (2nd place) team.

E was a good guide but she wasn't even close!

I think these girls were a little closer but you can still see the fear in their eyes

But the winner? Yeah, she was just fingertips away!

We all had our turn (well, minus one unamed germ o phobe!) with this one but the winner was able to transfer SIX boobs and won some handy body paint.

There were other gifts that I won't even mention. I will be blushing until next week about a certain can of...something. But they loved every minute. And the cake? oh, she was Lovely!

And the brides to be? Beautiful!

Happily Ever After, I tell ya!