Thursday, September 20, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Today is my six month anniversary! Cristy and I have, once again, been together Six Months!

We decided that because we've never really figured out an official Anniversary, we would just celebrating in 6's. This might be our eighth or ninth go around but who's counting? & how fun to be reminded of "us" twice a year!

Plus, we moved into our house on March 20th, this year. Our first house that's just ours. Not hers, not mine. No one we've slept with has ever lived there but US! :) This is significant because we lived back and forth for years between two houses we once owned with other women. ...So it's also happy six months living in our new/old house!

What a day to celebrate!

But she's not here. Instead she left me a bucket of lillies on the kitchen island and a card in my underwear drawer. I know, sounds odd. But she knew I'd find it first thing this morning - unless I oddly decided to go commando today...but I didn't. I found my card and boobed about it all the way to work. I love that girl.

Thanks for sticking it out, baby. I still pinky to be worth it.