Monday, September 10, 2007

Pride Softball! It's OVER!

I wanted to upload this little, bitty picture because it sums up what I did ALL weekend! Cristy and her team started playing Saturday morning and ended Sunday at 6:30 with a fat (or phat?) trophy! It's her first year playing and even I had so much fun!

So here's a shout out to my girl to tell her congratulations! Watching her was my favorite part, of course. But the whole team was so great - even Yeager got to be part of it as the bat boy and he was fantastic!

So minus too much sunshine on my neck, plus the fact that (again) our garage went unpacked, it was a perfect, productive weekend that ended in a thousand kisses!

...that's all for today but I will be back to make sure you all went out and voted!! Please, O'please make this a priority - especially if you live by me! I won't be rude and tell you who to vote for. Nor will I ask you once you do. Just as long as you DO!