Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Boy Birthday Parties

This picture makes me laugh. Another toy recall, perhaps? When I think about all the things that can go wrong with toys, I start sweating about Yeager's birthday party this Saturday. We're taking five 8 year olds rock climbing at a local recreation center. God, help us. Never, since Cristy and I got together, has he had a regular party. It's always some big deal somewhere other than where he lives. It's always expensive and loud and dangerous. Is this a boy thing? Because I think Gracie would choose a glitter party at La Cantera mall where they do your hair in bows and curls and layer your face in sparkly glitter. No danger in glitter.

And for presents...yeah, he'd like a flat screen television for his room and a new stereo. What? What happened to robots and pirates? Do little kids really want stereo's? & do they really want to watch television by themselves in their room? Did I do that when I was 8?

I've decided it must be hard being 8. This little guy has more emotions running through him than a 13 year old girl! (well, maybe) He likes playing with the neighbor girl as long as there are no boys around. He likes hanging with the older boys, but they can't know he sleeps with Cristy's old stuffed dog thing. He wants a big man bed but still must be tickled to bed every night. He's a manchild. He's over 80 lbs and growing every day! HeeeUGE! Not chubby (& there's nothin' wrong with chubby) but thick! His donor is 6'4". I know, crazy. Not my choice.

Either way, we're risking the lives of babes this Saturday and if they live to tell the story, I'm sure it will be handful!