Monday, October 15, 2007

Mish Mash. *Update*

It’s a big day at our house. My mother in-law comes to stay for two weeks today! I say that with a half cheery smile and a half exhausted body. She’s lovely. Really.

She’s a southern woman in every sense and it’s always interesting to talk with her. But she’s also very spoiled. Cristy’s dad was a lot like she is. He took care of her mothers every need. She never worked. She woke up one day and decided she would no longer cook or clean. She’s a queen. She won’t let anyone call her anything other than “Gorgeous” because “grandma” makes her sound old. She’s seventy something. She Is Old. Someone should tell her.

On a regular evening, she drips in gold and diamonds. Her hair is always done perfectly and it takes her hours to put on her make-up. You would never guess that Cristy came from her body. You would never guess that any of her children came from her body. And she has five of them. Cristy is the baby and also her favorite. She’ll admit it. She can’t even say her same without putting “darling” after it. Imagine it with a long, deep accent. “Cristy Da’lin, can you get me…” It’s terribly delicious. She smokes about 58 cigarette’s a day. I’m exaggerating or just guessing. If that sounds like a lot – well, it is. She smokes a lot and it gives her a very deep, raspy voice. She’s probably 5’4” and 90 lbs. Do you have a good enough vision of this woman yet? I'll try to post a picture very soon.

I should have some interesting stories to dazzle you with over the next couple of weeks…

In other news, we hosted our cities gay/lesbian family group yesterday. Very fun! All the kids were adorable dressed up in their costumes. Yeager hasn’t had that many kids in his yard Ever! We had a great time. There were probably 40 people there and I’m always surprised at that for some reason. So many families here and I hardly know any of them. It’s so easy to think that the people who surround you are simply the only people out there. Cristy and I rarely see people with little kids anymore. It made us each ache for our own!

Again, bring on the babies!

* Cristy wanted me to add that it's not just that she smokes 58 packs a day, it's also that they're non-filtered cigarette's. Supposedly that makes it even worse. (or better if you like that raspy voice) :)