Thursday, October 25, 2007

Winding Down...

The time is near. Two more days until Gorgeous goes to the next sibling. Is it bad to say I'm tired? Have I said more than once how hard it is to entertain someone for this long? We really do love her - every little thing...but it's hard, right?

And the worst part? She just got back from being gone for 2 days. I know, I'm awful. She had to attend a funeral and while she was gone I disturbed her things. Seriously, I was trying to clean up! I opened her door to let some air in there. She keeps it closed all the time. Then I put her washcloths in the laundry because she's used the same ones every day since she got here. I guess she washes them out everyday...gross. I put her instant coffee jar in the cupboard and her boiling water pan in the dishwasher. God forbid things not be in order before the Queen arrives. Okay, that was mean. I didn't mean it. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

The other night we took our mothers to a movie. When we got home, Cristy took a snapshot of me and my mom. It is rather cute but we then spent the next 5 or 6 shots trying to "recapture that moment" between C and her mom. She wanted to completely imitate the pose with Cristy. The problem was it was simply spontanious. You know, cuddle quickly, shoot and done! It looks like this:

They tried and tried but Cristy hated all of them. The first one I took, that was also just a quick snapshot - unplanned - was this:

Cute, huh? Then here's all of us...

Gorgeous isn't so big on pictures that you don't plan out. I just love that she's perched up there on Cristy's lap for the group shot. It's So her. She makes me laugh just to think about her. If I could only describe what she sounds like in a way that would make your cheeks hurt. It's been nice having her.

And to update you: Last night was our very first non-bio support meeting. I think it went well. There were 7 people total and that seemed perfect. Sad, but perfect. Everyone told their story - some more than once. And we all just validated angry feelings and tears. We set a date for next month, knowing there'll be more of us then. I think it's good. I wish the rest of you could be here. We talked about your stories too a little. Some day. Maybe soon, right Leah?