Sunday, October 21, 2007

Busy, Busy!

It's finally Sunday night and I'm exhausted! We've had the busiest weekend - full of fun but seriously, I'm looking forward to work tomorrow. - a different kind of busy.

Company is hard. I feel like I've been complaining for days about it so why stop now, right? Kidding. Or not. It's hard to have someone here that does things a different way. Did I tell you she typically sleeps until at least noon? A couple of days she's slept until 2pm! Who does that? And do you know how hard it is to be quiet in such an old house? Until 2pm! I feel like I've said, "Yegs, be quiet!" about 300 times.

She's still warming over the stove. She even melted her newly painted nails. God help me. Why does this make me crazy? And KJ is no help - she thinks I'm trying to freeze the poor woman. I'm really not. It's not that cold! She's in bed 1/2 the day and then huddled in a long robe the rest of it. I'm going to hell. I'm a terrible, unsympathetic daughter in-law.

She did spend some quality time with Yegs. We had some functions throughout the weekend and he chose to stay home with her most of the time. Friday night we saw that fabulous movie I was telling you about. Last night we went to a Halloween party and this morning we celebrated a birthday with one of our favorite people. Lots of activity! Then, of course, every time we came back home we have a guest! A very lonely guest and sometimes I think C is going to slide out of her skin and seep under the couch just to catch a breath.

She's old. I think that's why she talks about death a lot. But she's not dying. She actually just got a clean bill of health so I'm certain she'll be around for many years. Her father lived to be 94. That's 21 more years if she's lucky. But she talks like she's already seeing the warning sign before the light that leads you to the bridge on the other side of the gate or whatever. She brings things to give away that you must cherish for all eternity. We're still getting to know each other so every time we're alone, I get all kinds of questions about my love for C and what our plans are for our future.

And while she adores C, she has little parts of her that still don't understand why she's gay. She's explained it to herself by saying 'C has always been a tom boy'. She has seen from her birth that she was "born that way". But I really mess her up. She said that if I had been her daughter - with bows in my hair and heels on my feet - she would've never been able to deal with it. How could I be gay? I am feminine enough to get a man! Ugh. A few steps forward, a few steps back...

Tonight she pulled out pictures of relatives from Texas - one of whom "married a Mexican". I just quietly rolled my eyes at the detail but things like that shake C to her core. Her mom is old school. She also had to point out that one of her great nieces got pregnant by a black man. We're not used to that. It's odd to hear someone point out the color of someone's skin when you're simply asking a name. Some of the stories she tells are awful. She lived way before segregation and I'm still not certain it would be her first choice, had the law not changed the idea for her. I was inches away from telling her we had a hispanic donor... I sat quietly instead.

She told us of her nephew who signed away rights to his daughter and "for some strange reason there isn't a bond between them" EIGHTEEN years later. Again Gorgeous, biology does not create a bond between two people. But it's a lesson unnoticed. She's come a long way from where she's from - from the way her parents lived and loved. I suppose you just listen and speak with conviction about that which stands strong in you. No reason to scream and yell like I would a neighbor or stranger. :)

We love her as she is...just wish we could make wishes...

Here she is again because I know you can't wait another minute. Tomorrow, I should have some with all of us for you.