Monday, May 7, 2007

An Evening Exchange

me: I wonder what would happen if I "accidentally" slipped and plunged my needle into your belly...

Cristy: I would probably grow a pink bow on my head.

She said this when I was telling the story of her offering to carry a child for us - knowing how hard it would be for me to get pregnant. I knew instantly I would love her forever. If you knew her, the idea of her being pregnant is pretty crazy. In fact, she'd have to go the whole 9 months in hiding - hiding from herself.

It's all about hormones.

The scheduled transfer is just three weeks and one day away. May 29th is supposed to be my first day pregnant. Whew. Finally, we're counting down.

We had some friends over last night and we spoke about IVF and TTC in lengths. It was actually very amusing to watch their faces in awe about what it takes sometimes. I fell into the swing of it and probably offered far too much information but it was so fun watching them squirm! :) (love you both!) It's been a while since I've thought of all the details and it made it all feel very near and exciting. I know what the chances are...really I do. But I also know this is probably our best shot at it and probably our last shot for me to carry a baby. I'll do my best.