Monday, May 21, 2007

Post Weekend.

I'm on the mend. Life is too short to hold onto what hurts you. So many things don't give you that choice but, for, I choose to let this "ex"perience go. :)

Have I told you all how wonderful you are? I read your comments/emails and hear your voice mails and I'm just reminded how lucky I am to have found you. Whether we met through NCLR, blogland or if I've known you forever - I am lucky and I feel it today.

Our weekend came and went quickly, as always. Yeager and I went to see Shr*k 3 Friday afternoon. Cute. Then my sweet girl and sweet brother spent all day Saturday moving her old house into our new one. What a mess. Didn't we already unpack? Think again! Another twenty boxes of childhood memories. Good God! I've never met a girl who has a huge box of old trophy's next to a collection of crystal bells (from mom). That's a soft butch for you!

Cristy had a softball game on Sunday and I was a really nice break away from "things to do". She plays on a gay league and it's so fun to watch! Aside from how cute she is in those shorts, she's also really good! & I get to sit in the stands and talk to my friends and family and cheer for her! Is there anything better?

Tomorrow is my ultrasound. We find out how well I've prepared my womb for two little embryos. Let me tell you, I've been trying with all my might! I am full to the top with meds and needles and hormones. I have more belly fat that I ever imagined possible! (i know, gross!) I keep telling Cristy I have a fat uterus - only to be reminded that it's "thick", not fat. (thank you, honey) Really though, I Am Ready!

Wish me luck!