Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I Pledge...

Today is "don't buy any gas" day. Have any of you received 500 emails telling you this? I've committed to not buy gas today but that's pretty easy for me. You see, I haven't bought gas in many, many years. Technically, I've paid for it but I haven't participated in the transfer of gas to car for a very long time.

I abhor it. It's dirty. It smells. And there are always people who look like they want to kidnap me just standing around, hoping they can catch me off guard. It's dangerous to the common girl. In Texas, it's illegal to talk on your cell phone during gasoline transfer because you might explode or com bust or some equally awful word. & that doesn't include how hard it is to watch that needle go down and sort of guess when it's going to run out. Who has time to watch a needle?

Anyway, I am doing my part. I am supporting whatever boycott my human community has asked. I will not buy gasoline today. I will not travel to gasoline stations today or any day. I will not participate in a gasoline transfer today or any day.

I will not.