Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Hello? Is There Anybody in There?

Things are moving along. The days are passing a little slowly but I don't expect any differently. I've been through these two week waits before, ya know. In fact, I've been though sixteen of them. Sixteen tried and sixteen failed. I hope and pray this one will be different.

I'm having some ovary pain but I think that's pretty normal. I'm still taking Estris 2x per day and my progesterone shot every night. I am one big bruise! I'm one of those demanding women who speak with their hands on their hips when they're trying to look taller. Not any more. It hurts to even touch my hips. My muscle is bruised, my skin is bruised...I'm certain that even the thought of my hips is bruised.

But enough complaining.

I read a post a bit ago from Pissed Off Housewife. If you haven't read her yet, please do. Hilarious and real. But this post, specifically, is about appreciating what you have - who you have. I think if you asked Cristy if I appreciate her she'd say yes. But does she know it every day? Does she know how proud I am to hold her hand and be knotted with her in conversations like, "i wonder what "they" are doing?" I admit I adore her. I love the way she keeps curls in the back of her hair for me to run my fingers through while she's driving. I love the way she brings me coffee every morning and asks me if I got "lip stuff" every night. I love that girl. & not because she might read this. But because she's more human than anyone I've ever met. & I feel lucky that she picked me and convinced me to walk this walk with her.

There are relationships around us failing. Some already too late. We've been there. Who hasn't? But for us, it reminds us to hold on to eachother because everyone - anyone - can forget just why it was they found eachother.