Tuesday, May 22, 2007

We have a Date!

We went in for our ultrasound this morning and everything looked great! My very thick uterus has racing stripes! (no clue) Three of them! So...we're ON!

Friday is the day we'll put the babies back in. If we're lucky enough to have three good embryos after the thaw, we'll put in all three. Otherwise, we'll take what we can get. That means, my meds change again starting today. Progesterone shots - the big, awful, long, thick needles - every night! Send Cristy strength. She's not very good at causing me pain. :)

I'm so excited and scared and nervous! I imagine myself being 'oh so careful' with every little step and then clumsily finding myself falling off the bed or down the stairs.

What do you know about this? Is there anyone who can tell me their experience? Do I need to stay down four whole days? Where you ridiculously manic? Even if I can be half normal, Cristy surely can't. But this is a battle I'm willing to lose. Let her dote on me and the babies we're trying to safely create. I can deal with that for a few ... weeks? :)

Any advice?