Saturday, May 19, 2007

Seven Year Old Lesson

I picked up Yegs from school yesterday. He was crying. Someone had said something bad about him that hurt his feelings. It wasn't true. But some of the kids believed it and that left him terribly upset. We spent hours talking about this. Hours. He couldn't understand why this girl had said what she did and all we could say to him was - sometimes you just can't understand why people do the things they do.

As we were driving, I decided to take my own advice.

First, I forget there are a few Utah readers now and that some of you may know the person I've been speaking out. That bothers me to some extent because my intent is not to talk badly about her - just to vent and try to gain understanding that some of you might be able to share.

Secondly, the point is I'm never going to understand why she did what she did. It doesn't matter why she named the dog the name she chose. Whether she did it to personally hurt me or if she just didn't think about it - it hurts me the same. I'm not going to understand it. And she doesn't owe it to me to give me a reason.

Lastly, I have to know this person my whole life. She is the other mother of my stepson. She is 2nd in the long line of mothers to him. & she's a great mom. That's what should matter most. Always. Her obligation is to him, not me.

I'm finished talking about this. My hope is that it will just go away.
Thanks for all your thoughts - reminding me that I'm not totally crazy. :)