Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Ask Questions and Demand Answers

I've been wanting to talk about this for a while but I've backed off in fear of igniting old wounds that I'm in no place to deal with. But today, it's not about me or the mother of her. It's about integrity and unity and community and I am angry.

Incase you hadn't heard, I am a lesbian. It's one of many ways to describe me but it's one of the bigger parts. It's added to other parts like: woman, feminist, lgbt advocate and activist and those are things that guide my soul and direct my life. No matter what I think of someone personally, the "whole" of the situation and the impact to my community matters very much.

So basically, I don't care if you want to leave your partner. I hate to see relationships fail just as much as the next person but it's not my business. Just don't expect my support when you abandon your child and refuse to keep promises you made to them. And if your partner left you for another man/woman, I'm sorry but I will never support you using that reason to take away another persons child. And I don't care if you have conviction to support current law as is, if it has negative effect on our children or our families, you don't deserve support or clout from this community.

If you know of a business or business owner who is hurting our families, don't spend your money there. Don't groom your dog there and don't donate money to organizations that allow this kind of behavoir. If you have friends who are considering taking away their partners child, demand differently. Demand that they explain their behavoir and if it's not good enough, please don't support it. Their are too many of us walking around this community after leaving our children or taking away our children or defending that behavoir in a court of law - it's disgusting and until we say it's not allowed, they'll still be there.