Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A nosy neighbor? I think not!

Cristy will hate this post.
Honey, please go away. Do not read any further.

So I met another neighbor the other night. His name is Ezra. This is also the name of a m*rmon prophet. What is with the prophet ties on my street? It’s beginning to freak me out a little.

Anyway, he was really nice. A bit of a love bird, really. He spoke softly and remained within my comfort zone until I stood inside the fence. But there’s something odd about him. There is also a child there. A boy – probably 15. He’s quiet and seems like a loner for the most part. The other neighbors have said things like, “they’re very mormon” “he’s kind of weird”. But we acknowledge him when we see him and he sort of lifts his head and mumbles hello.

So the other day…Friday…I went outside to get Molly and I couldn't find her. She’s hiding under a table and she’s scared to death. I can see that the neighbor boy has a friend over in his backyard. We can see their yard from the back part of ours so I walk over. It’s a stranger with some kind of pop gun. It’s supposed to look real but even I can tell it’s not. (later I found out it shoots pellets) I begin to ask what he’s doing (which is none of my business) and to ask if he did anything to scare or hurt my dog. (which IS my business) Just as the last word leaves my mouth, a real zombie sits straight up out of a grave…no wait, a grass person sits up from hiding in the grass and scares the living hell out of me! It’s the boy! The one that lives there! He’s dressed in some coat with long grass pieces all over it like he was hiding out during a jungle war. See? Odd. & his friend is target shooting the air and they’re about to be the next crazy shooters on the news!

I know I’m probably over reacting. I get it. But doesn’t it sound a bit strange? It’s not like they’re eight year olds playing cowboys – they’re almost driving age and they’re playing war. I think it’s scary.

Cristy thinks it’s scary that I even thought about it again after I first walked away from the rising zombie. But she has “ex” baggage around nosy neighbors. I am NOT a nosy neighbor. There isn’t another example I can give you where I’ve spied or obsessed. Just this.

& I’m right to be concerned.