Friday, May 25, 2007

Happily Ever After

Tomorrow, May 26th, our dear friends will be married. They will have a beautiful wedding on a beautiful hill and they'll show God & their world the commitment they've made.

Because I'll be on bed rest I won't be there - so I wanted to use this space to tell them, and all of you, how happy I am that they found each other. In a world of so many people, it is miracle making to find that person that matches you more than any other. & in that same world with so much chaos and unrest, it's even more of a miracle to hold on to each other with promises of a lifetime. But they did it. I believe it with all of my heart - they are split aparts!

Missy & Lauren,

I wish you happiness and peace. Love and laughter. I wish you long walks and longer kisses. Big dreams and little paw prints. I wish you green pastures and baked cakes. I wish you many years of champagne toasts or is it Vodka and lemonade? even Vodka and Blueberry lemonade.

I love you both - big!