Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Amy Ray!!

In just a few short hours I will be in front of the most beautiful women in all the land! The Ind*go Girls will be here, at Redbutte Gardens, Tonight!! I am a fan. A b.i.g. fan! I'm certain that if you're not, there must be something wrong with you. I mean, even straight girls have love for Amy. Even better, gay men love them!

I have seen them many, many times over the years. I have stalked them across state lines more times than I can count. CA, CO, NV, NH, WA... It's more than just being surrounded by my people. It's poetry and unification and peace. It's raw emotion and every lyric can be dipped into my life and compared with something I feel or have felt or will most certainly feel by the time the next cd comes out. :)

Last year, I had spent this weekend with Gracie in San Antonio. We listened to the ipod full of Amy (& a lot of Pink & Kelly Clarkston). She sang loudly and begged me not to. But on the flight home I listened to Come On Home over and over. I was picked up at the airport and driven straight to the concert. The first song they sang? Yep. It was requested but not by me. But it was a sign. I thought. Today I've been focused on All that we Let In, Lay My Head Down and Fly. But no more signs. It's all just life. It's healing.

Some of you have seen this tour already. I read it when you brag about it. This woman rubbed it in deeper than most because she actually saw Amy at Humphrey's - and that's the best place on earth to have someone sing to you.

I wish you could all come tonight. Maybe some of you will be there. If so, I will join you in song because God knows I can't keep my mouth shut or my feet still. Leah, I wish I could take you for your (a bit belated) birthday! I will think of you through the songs that keep me still and thoughtful.

Whether you want it or not, you'll hear about this tomorrow.