Tuesday, June 5, 2007

These Days...

...are all about me. You would think that these last few days of my tww are actually the last two days of a pregnancy. I'm getting phone calls by the dozens, encouraging emails and people are even walking slowly around me - just so my ovaries don't fall out. :) & btw, I appreciate it.

I watched the Republican Presidential debate tonight. Why? I'm unsure. I guess I wanted to hear Romney dance around the fact that he's a mor*mon. He mimicked everyone else's answers about God without mentioning that they have their own book or that they began polygamy or that they started with a crazy prophet. Or maybe I wanted to hear them all swear to uphold the bible - oops, I mean...Constitution and save all the babies from the abortion loving mothers and all the soldiers from those s*x starved gay men. Or maybe I wanted to hear their ideas on how to get those pesky south of the border folk out of our perfect country. g.a.g. I was reminded that I'm on the right side and that we have some great candidates coming up for strong debate...on the other side. Did you know that Every single Democratic candidate held up their hand when asked if they would over turn Don't Ask, Don't Tell? How amazing! It's telling people. Get out & vote. You have a bit of time to register at your new address or find out where to go - please, oh please do your part.

I spent some time on the phone tonight with another non-bio mom fighting for her son & with her attorney. Her story repeatedly rips my heart out. & it's one of many. And yesterday I spent time with a friend whose case is pending here in Utah. I want you both to know - right now - that you sharing your battles with me is helpful. I cry for me and Gracie every day. The most painful thing is that it's over. Not only can I not see her, I also can't fight for her. It's still unimaginable but through you, I feel like I'm still fighting. So please, don't worry. Don't say sorry. I will be here and fight with you. I will fight your ex's who still think they have a right to participate in the lgbt community. I will fight their attorneys who think it's okay to be a leader in lgbt politics and then use straight laws against us. I'm mad with you. And I am grateful for your friendships.

As for my tww, I'm still hanging on. No signs, no symptoms. My beta is Friday early morning and I'm not sure when I'll have results. But, of course, you'll be the first to know. You know, besides my family, my human friends, etc. :) Thanks for sticking this out with me.