Thursday, June 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary

I was reminded a few hours ago that on this very day, 10 long years ago, I met a girl who would become my best friend.

It's kind of a funny story so I thought I'd share it. Plus, she reads here and I know she'll appreciate it.

I was at a local gay bar with some friends. Another girl, a sort of friend, came up and told me that she literally met some girl who happened to be driving next to her and happened to be gay and happened to be attracted to her... and they ended up at this bar together. The "sort of" friend was very unique. A bit crazy - the crazy girl at the bar. You all have one, right? Well my reaction was, "what kind of girl do you pick up on the street?" - imaging a trucker or hooker or something not good. But she took me over to meet her and she was beautiful and naive and sweet and so fun!

She and "crazy girl" only lasted the week (this is, of course, after they bought rings together :) but we've been joined at the hip ever since.

Lately, as with most friendships, we've had a rough patch (her words) but I wanted to thank her here for the past decade. Thick and thin was the promise and there have been many, many extra thick parts the last few years. I want to thank her for the reminder of our anniversary and tell her that I love her no matter what, no matter why and no matter Who.

And while I'm thanking...thank you crazy M'angela - whichever planet you're on now - for introducing me to Jack.

50 years 'til rocking chairs.