Monday, June 25, 2007

I Won A Scooter!

Here she is! Isn't it pretty? Well, maybe I didn't "win" her. Maybe I just won the auction that sold her. Still! Isn't she pretty? Mine's still in a big box but this one looks just like it!

The story goes...We were at an HR*C Fundraiser Saturday night. The air was dry, there were double cosmo's flowing. And there happened to be SEVEN of these babies at the silent auction. Not only is it so cute, it was also for a great cause!

How could I resist? And Cristy, with all my begging and batting of lashes (& did I mention the double cosmo's?) - she had no chance! So now I need to trade in my powder blue hat for baby pink! I also want to add one of those cute baskets too. & now I can zoom around town with Cristy and her little retro bike!

I'm so lucky!! No birthday or Christmas for me! Just a new hat, a new flowy scarf, a new basket, maybe some matching shoes, etc., etc.

Thanks baby!