Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A - Mazing!!

I am happy. I am filled. The concert was beautiful! - maybe even one of my top three!

I wish I could post pictures but I was too excited to get there and forgot my camera. boo.

I'm not sure how all of you do it in your cities but the whole "preparation" part is very big here. We wait in line for six hours. Rain or Shine. Cristy got there before noon and I joined her around 2pm. Luckily, she had made friends with the girls around her so by the time I got there we were one big family. We played cards, we drank, we ate fruit & licorice and tried to stay hydrated. Very hot. But so worth it!

When the gates opened, we had our "runners" up front so they could throw the blankets and save the spots. The slow ones (me) waddled in just seconds behind with the chairs, etc. It's all part of the plan. We made it to front and center and I couldn't have been happier. In fact, I forgot to ask J if she was trampled in line - staying back with all the coolers! It must have been a war zone!

The crowd was full of friends, ex-friends, ex-partners, etc. But something about it makes it all perfect. Everyone singing the same song seems to bring peace for a few moments.

Anyway, the Girls played for two hours and it wasn't nearly enough. After the concert ended, we all stood around and talked about the tour and where we could see them next. So far, the answer is Austin. But next year, I won't be missing Humphrey's.

What is it that makes us love them so much? What is it that makes us cheer every time they swear or say "gay" or "queer"? I laugh at myself for being one of those girls who would follow them off the earth but it's true - I am a lover. The biggest fan.