Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Pictures

I posted a couple new pictures from our last day. Christmas Eve. We went to Sea World for the second day in a row and we're soaked from splashing whales and winter rain. The last picture is the space I relish when I'm missing her most... Just having here there, in my arms, until she fell asleep. I did too. Maybe even Mr Tumnus. Her other mom took many pictures & video of us that day and I suppose I'm pretty thankful for that, especially now.

I also wanted to post some pictures of the house. Unfortunately, our camera was just added to the list of what has yet to be unpacked. Our house looks completely put together but that's only because we've been bringing in one box at a time and putting it away. If you looked in the garage, that's when you'd see the REAL story. OMG! How do two girls have so much stuff? I'm embarrassed!
I probably have six-eight bins of Christmas crap!, at least two huge bins of girls clothes that I'm hoping to recycle in the next bit, baby "stuff" that I know deep down we'll really just replace with the next one, and then stacks and stacks of everything garden! Good God - we will never be able to park in there.

We still haven't furnished the parlor and it's current state looks comparable to a dance hall or skating rink. It's awful. But the floors are original - 111 years old - and because the ceilings are so tall, it feels even more empty. Neat though. I'll take some over the weekend and show off the pretty parts. I may include some cracks and crooked walls, just for good measure.