Thursday, April 19, 2007

Be VERY Afraid...

This was just sent to me. It was posted on the website of the Alliance Defense Fund after my ruling. They are the radical Christians that funded my ex partner through this nightmare. I'm only sharing it because there are some of you who have asked about them. I think this will give you a good idea of what their case was based around and what they think of sinners like me - an "advocate of lesbian behavior".

I assume it's fine to post it because it's on the internet. If I take it down, you'll know why.

A HUGE Victory For a Mother and Daughter...A HUGE Defeat for the Homosexual Legal Agenda...!In 2001, two Utah women engaged in a lesbian relationship, Cheryl B**low and Keri Jo**s, entered into a "civil union" in Vermont. They then returned to their home state, which does not such recognize "civil unions" and five months later, Cheryl became pregnant by artificial insemination, and had a daughter we'll call "Kathy." 1

Frank M**ar, "then – THANKS BE TO GOD – Cheryl became a follower of Jesus Christ, quit her lesbian behavior, and ended the relationship with Jones, who was an advocate of lesbian behavior. Jones had no biological, adoptive link, or any link to young Kathy, but Jones sued for visitation with the child, claiming that somehow she was Kathy's "psychological parent." Sadly, incredibly, a lower court agreed with Jones' demands and ordered visitation with Kathy -then three years old. This was emotionally traumatic for Kathy as she was exposed to numerous instances of lesbian sexual and other behavior and the deliberate undermining of the Christian values and beliefs that Cheryl, who had moved to Texas, was trying to instill in her daughter. ADF allied attorney Frank M**ar appealed to the Utah Supreme Court. Meanwhile a very frightened Cheryl, extremely concerned for Kathy's welfare, refused to allow more visitations and was sentenced to jail. Unless the Utah Supreme Court overruled the lower court, Cheryl was headed behind bars – simply for protecting her Kathy! After nineteen long months of deliberation, the Utah Supreme Court issued its ruling this past Friday – overruling the lower court, affirming Cheryl's parental rights, and denying Jones demand for forced visitation! Thanks to you, your prayers, and support Cheryl will not be going to jail, Kathy no longer has to go through the psychological trauma of her visits in an environment of lesbian sexual advocacy, and advocates of homosexual behavior were denied the legal precedent they wanted to fabricate visitation and custody for "psychological parents." Amen!

ADF Senior Counsel Joe Inf**nco says: "Protecting the well-being of this dear child trumps the desire of a legal stranger to usurp the care and protection of that child's mom...When the trial court granted visitation rights to a legal stranger in a non-marital relationship, they fabricated a precedent that had not existed before. If it had stood, it would not only have threatened the emotional well-being of this child, but countless others caught in a similar situation."