Friday, April 27, 2007

Thank God it's Friday!

Thanks to all of you for responding to my last few days. I appreciate your posts, your phone calls, your comments - each and every one! & after talking with C last night, I feel fine enough knowing that it won't be the same and that everyone is different and that she is wonderful enough to pull me from the fires of my history. I knew that. I'm insanely hormonal. & I think talking about all the "what if's" just adds to my anxiety. So, today, let's not. :)


But speaking of hormones, I start Lupron again Sunday. I'll be shooting up like a mad woman. And then, of course, progesterone once things start kicking. I'm actually looking forward to the ride; knowing more what it's like now. And knowing we'll have a pink line (or not) in just six weeks makes the time seem not too heavy and slow.

I've starting kicking around names again and, every time, C looks at me like, "seriously?" Poor her. Isn't it so fun to do though? We had Gray's name picked at 17 weeks. After the u/s we were driving home and the name came right out of my mouth. That's all she wrote. We had thought, up until then, that she'd be a boy. We had a boys name. Matthew Hart - after my brother and her grandfather. It was perfect. But then she was a girl! Girls names are much easier for me now. What is that about? I love little boys. I have one living in my very house! But thinking of a name that is just as perfect as the two we adore, it's almost impossible. Maybe I'll hold a contest and let you pick.


We're about the begin a wonderful weekend. We've been looking forward to it all week. No kids. Not too many plans. Just us and the TV or movie theater. Just us and the long walks or long drives. Just us and the eat in or eat out. I feel lucky and I can't wait.

I might drift out of work early and surprise C with some flowers for the porch. It's going to be EIGHTY degrees tomorrow! Can you stand it? I'm so excited I could pee! (it doesn't take much these days with my highly medicated body) For those of you who don't live here, you're missing out on our most beautiful season. I wish ... I could walk you through it and convince you to move here (with all your good laws!) and serve you lemonade with blueberry vodka - unless you're pregnant, of course. & then I could show you all the wonderful flowers I just bought but we'd have to sit on the floor because I bought flowers instead of furniture. Again.

I'd like to do a lot of planting but that takes more cash than I have currently have. We'll see how much I splurge before she notices... Truthfully, furniture should come before plants. We have two empty living rooms. But who wants to be inside? It's all about patio's and lawn and shade trees! & did I tell you about the pergola I found? ahhh, it's beautiful.

Come on, pack a lunch and head over. I'll meet you there by 2.