Thursday, April 12, 2007

What do I say to get them involved?

What in the world is my matter today? I feel heavy & have puddles of tears in my eyes. Maybe it's just the beginning of the meds. Or maybe it's because I read the saddest blog ever today. Or maybe it's just the stuff that continues to float around and tug at me.

I've been asked to speak words about why policy needs to change in Utah. I've been assured that the point isn't to exploit my sorrow but to educate the importance of protection for our families. Too late for my daughter but... I need to be clear that the Supreme Courts excuse of not being "able to make a better decision because there is not existing law that protects my daughter" is not good enough and could have easily been avoided.

I agree, fully, that it needs to be heard. So many in our community mistake that if we work with National Organizations, (HRC, NCLR, Lambda) they can do the job. Don't get me wrong, we need each and every one of them and I support them all but our state just gets shoved under the rug in those conversations because the big guys know that there's not a lot of winning over here. Well, maybe we haven't won the war but we've won many battles.

My words will be heard on Monday night. I'll give an overview of my personal battle and then explain that, with just a few more things in place, the Supreme's couldn't have brushed us aside so easily. If there was established law - something as simple as a bill that states when a same-sex couple deliberately has a child through assisted reproduction, both partners are the legal parents. Easy. If your child is born and you list another parent - it makes it so. Because then, should the unthinkable happen, your child will always be protected. Because it's not about us, remember? & this isn't just happening to me. I have met so many mother's who are being punished for a thousand different reasons - having nothing to do with the love or care of their child.

A friend of mine, in the same situation, has a published interview in the current Q Salt Lake magazine. If you haven't read it, do. page 8. She is strong and willing and passionate and I applaud her in outing her story for the world to hear. It's brave and daunting and I'm proud to know her.

I think I just figured out my words.