Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th

Lucky or unlucky? Let me give you my take...

37 years ago, my amazing parents were married on this very day. And even more amazing, they're still married. They were just pups and when I look at their wedding picture, I swear they were 13. But they were 18 & 19, respectfully. Pups. I was sixteen before I realized my mom was pregnant at the time. Oh, the scandal! This was the year they offered to pay me money if I could "make it" though high school without getting pregnant. I know, how embarrassing. This was their baggage, not mine. First, I was far too responsible for that kind of rebellion. And second, don't even bother asking me about sex with my boyfriend back then. Not a lot to comment on. Of course, I considered myself winning that bet but now I realize we all won.

Anyway, 43 years and one month ago, my far better half was born. She wasn't born in April but she was born on Friday the 13th of March. See? There's still a comparison. She was actually born on the scariest day and look what an incredible creature she is! She never shows her claws unless she's in mama bear mode and she's less scary in an argument than anyone I've known. She's the loveliest Friday the 13th person ever.

And yet completely perfect mother was born on Wednesday, June 13th - which is not really near Friday or today but if you don't mention your mother, there is no worse cause for karma.

And lastly, a mere nine years ago today, my favorite (& only) niece was born to my favorite (& only) living brother. We will celebrate her tonight with presents and kisses and stories of when she first came to us with a bow in her hair and a tear in her eye. I love you Montana, Banana, Hosanna!

Unlucky 13? I think not.