Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Saturday is a good day for a new dog.

Life is coming right along.

We learned today that our IVF transfer will most likely take place on May 29th. That seems like eons away but at least there's a date. I'm amazed when they narrow it down like that. It's all mapped out and I'll begin meds tomorrow with only two injectables for about a month. - could be worse. And this time, it's not about producing eggs - just getting my uterus strong and healthy. I can do that.

We also decided, as a family, that we would give our all to Molly Tomato and bring her into our family as of this Saturday at noon. You remember my rant about being pressured into a golden retriever... Well, while I so appreciate all the advice to not do this, we're doing it. In fact, I think I only got one emails that said it was a good idea. However, after calling the very expensive dog trainer that will come to our house for life, we decided that we have the love (& time) it will take. & the more I thought about it, I just couldn't fathom telling Y we were getting a new dog but we didn't want that one. $500 later, long walks every day and enough patience for a puppy will be an accomplishment for sure. And, by the time the new baby gets here (fingers crossed), she'll be a well established member of our family.

We'll see if this helps in the wicked step-mother department. If not, I get to keep the dog. :)