Monday, April 30, 2007

Catch up!

Wow. What a great weekend!

Isn't it amazing when it's Sunday night and you feel like you've accomplished so much while relaxing? We had such a great weekend from going to dinner with our best girls to making our yard beautiful to watching my girlfriend play softball and getting lots of love in between. I love weekends like that. Is it Friday yet?

Yesterday was the beginning on Lupron for me. Still on birth control but nothing more is added until May 9th. I think. Estris is next. I think. Either way, so far I've had a little morning sickness - I guess to prepare me for the real thing - but other than that (& big, fat boobs) I feel great! We're on the countdown - less than thirty days. It's pretty exciting and I'm looking forward to every minute.

Our house is coming right along. Our yard is coming even further. Have I told you just how much I love our yard? It's a 1/3 of an acre in the middle of the city and it's just heaven! Cristy made me dinner Saturday night and we ate on the patio with the moon and the warmth and stars. It's built in romance I tell ya! & then the little neighbor kids stop by to wave to Molly and ask for's dreamy! The only thing missing is Gray and man would she love it!